Paideia is an important reference structure in the private health of central/southern Italy with a story to tell and which starts in the sixties based on a high quality concept in care and a medical staff of excellence.
La Paideia offers specialist clinic services, analysis laboratories, diagnostic imaging and instrumental diagnostics, outpatient surgery, endoscopic diagnostics, operating rooms, day hospital and inpatient wards.

h24 Services

Discover the operational services 24 hours a day in Paideia.

Diagnostic Imaging

The department uses the most modern equipment and a team of highly qualified professionals.

Breast Center

With a correct and early diagnosis, the chances of defeating breast cancer are very high.


The Check-Up service is a personalized clinical journey that offer patients an overall assessment of the state of health.

Trauma Center

A guard always active 24 hours per day for any trauma, fracture or injury.


SportClinique guarantees the return to the physical activity of the sportsman in the shortest possible time.

High-tech Center in Robotic Surgery

The multispecial high-tech center in robotic surgery is a true excellence in private healthcare in Italy.

Gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy, diagnostics and intervention, and much more. Discover our services.

Outpatient Clinics

Discover all the medical and surgical specialties of Paideia.