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Paideia’s check-up service is a customized clinical program – performed under the supervision of a coordinating physician – offering to the patient an all-inclusive assessment of his/her state of health and the solution to potential pathologies, should they be diagnosed, with the most appropriate treatment and therapies.

Standard Check-ups

Clinical and diagnostic protocols aimed at the prevention and diagnosis of the most frequent pathologies. The conclusion of the clinical program takes place after a few days when the coordinating physician delivers a detailed report to the patient.

PD – Check

This is a program including customized examinations regarding the actual health condition of the patient. It aims at highlighting potential risk factors and finding the most reliable and effective solutions to the specific problems pertaining to each individual:

Check-Up Service:

  • Medical visit
  • Risk factor assessment
  • In-depth examination of risk factors
  • Investigation for latent pathologies
  • Development of customized prevention program
  • Talks with the coordinating physician and delivery of complete documentation relating to the Check-Up performed

Mini – Check

Targeted clinical and diagnostic protocols, useful for confirming suspected clinical pathologies or for controlling a pathology already known to the patient:

  • Mini Urologic Check-Up
  • Mini Gynecologic Check-Up
  • Mini Cardiologic Check-Up
  • Mini Dermatologic Check-Up
  • Mini Nutrition Check-Up