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The service of gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy of the Paideia of Rome is an excellence for the professionalism of specialists and for the attention given to the patient. In the clinic it is possible to perform, in addition to the specialist examination, the traditional and virtual colonoscopy and the gastroscopy.

Specialistic examinations


Gastroscopy (esophagus-gastro-duodenoscopy or esophagus gastroscopy) is a diagnostic test performed by introducing a probe from the mouth to the gastric cavity and up to the II-III duodenal portion.


Colonoscopy (Rect-Sigmoid-Colon-scopia) (RSCS) is a diagnostic test performed by introducing a probe from the anus up to the ileocecal valve, exploring the entire colon. In particular cases and for particular pathologies it may be necessary to go beyond this and explore the last centimeters of the ileum (Ileoscopy).

Colonoscopy with videocapsula

Virtual colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy is a radiological examination that allows visualization of the entire intestine through a CT scan of the abdomen preceded by the air insufflation to stretch the surface of the colon.
It does not represent a substitute examination of traditional colonoscopy, but is a supplementary technique to the latter.
The main indication of Virtual CT-Colonoscopy is the completion of the study of the colon in the case where the traditional Colonoscopy was incomplete for post-surgical adherent outcomes, for anatomic abnormalities such as in cases of dolichocolon or in cases of complete intolerance of the patient with or without development of vagal reaction.
Virtual colonoscopy can also be used if an important diverticulitis with perivisceritis makes the continuation of the instrument with traditional colonoscopy risky.